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Cat Coil Tunnel - Keep Your Feline Friend Engaged and Happy!


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Why choose the Cat Coil Tunnel  ?

Durable & Claw Resistant

Our scratch resistant felt cave can withstand even the most energetic play sessions with the most ornery of feline companions.

Give your beloved cat the gift of endless entertainment and exercise with our Cat Coil Tunnel ! Specially designed to simulate the thrill of hunting, this tunnel-shaped toy will captivate your cat's attention and keep them active for hours on end. 

Premium Zipper :

Easily zip and unzip for effortless cleaning or storage. Our premium zipper ensures a hassle-free experience every time!

Spacious Tunnel : 

The tunnel is large enough for at least 2 adult cats, or even a Maincoon, to play, hide and sleep comfortably inside.

The Cat Coil Tunnel Toy is ingeniously crafted with a spiral tunnel design, complete with prey dangling enticingly from both ends. This ingenious setup encourages your furry friend to indulge in their natural instincts, darting in and out of the tunnel with boundless energy.

Designed to mimic the thrill of the hunt, the suspended toys – a mouse at one end and a feather at the other – ensure that your cat will be irresistibly drawn to play. Whether they're charging through the tunnel, pouncing on the dangling prey, or simply exploring its twists and turns, this toy guarantees endless fun and stimulation.

Cat Coil Tunnel Peephole

The new peephole amps up playful Cat Coil Tunnel and sneak attacks, while also boosting air circulation for a cool, comfy retreat.


The thick felt material provides warmth and absorbs sound to reduce noise. The cave provides the perfect spot for your cat to snuggle up and catch some Z's, especially for pets that startle easily.

Cat Coil Tunnel : 

The Cat Coil Tunnel is a fun place for your cats to play and pouch at each other. They can practice their hunting skills while being kept busy - giving them quality time together!

No Cat Left Behind!

The Cat Coil Tunnel can save money and space in the house by providing multiple cats with a shared, designated area for playing and relaxation, rather than each cat needing their own separate hiding place or bed.

But it's not just about play; the Cat Coil Tunnel Toy serves a vital role in promoting your pet's health and well-being. By encouraging movement, agility, and mental engagement, it helps prevent lethargy, boredom, and obesity, fostering a healthier, happier cat. Additionally, the toy's design stimulates your cat's natural predatory instincts, providing a safe outlet for their hunting instincts and keeping them mentally sharp.

  1. Self-Learning Entertainment All Day Long: The spiral tunnel design allows your cat to navigate through twists and turns, while the suspended toys offer additional excitement and challenges, ensuring your cat stays engaged and entertained.

  2. Promoting Your Pet's Health: Encourages physical activity, mental stimulation, and agility, helping to prevent obesity and other health issues associated with inactivity. The dangling prey stimulates your cat's hunting instincts, providing a healthy outlet for their natural behaviors.

  3. Pet-Friendly Design: Crafted with your cat's comfort and safety in mind, the Cat Coil Tunnel Toy features smooth edges and non-toxic materials, ensuring hours of safe play without any risk of injury or discomfort.

  4. Wide Application: Easy to set up and lightweight, the toy can be placed on any flat surface, making it suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Its compact design means it won't take up much space, allowing your cat to enjoy playtime wherever they please.

  5. Superior Quality: Constructed from durable, high-quality materials, the Cat Coil Tunnel Toy is built to withstand even the most enthusiastic play sessions, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for you and your cat.



  • Size (Enlarged): 50X20cm or
  • Style Options: Choose from Yellow sisal, Yellow mouse, Yellow stripes, Blue pompon, Blue stripes, or Purple to suit your cat's preferences and your home decor.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cat Coil Tunnel 
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Cat Coil Tunnel  - Keep Your Feline Friend Engaged and Happy!

Cat Coil Tunnel - Keep Your Feline Friend Engaged and Happy!